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Putting "Family" in Family Dentistry

James M. Schreiner, DDS in Keller, TX started his practice in 1985.  He began with, and continues to have, a relationship-driven practice focused on providing general dentistry as well as cosmetic and restorative dentistry in a friendly atmosphere.  Having a relationship-driven practice means that Dr. Schreiner gives his time and energy into putting the patient at the center of what he does.  He takes all the necessary time to communicate everything well in advance and build a relationship of trust.  Good oral health is a lifelong endeavor and having a dentist you know and trust allows for the care you deserve alongside the reliable experience you want in a dentist.  Dr. Schreiner has been married to his wife, Lauri, for 30+ years and they have two children together.  It is his strong sense of family values that Dr. Schreiner brings to his dental patients, forming longstanding history with patients and their families over the three decades of his career.

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Philosophy of Practice

Dr James M. Schreiner, DDS is a prestigious board certified dentist in Keller, TX and believes the best dentistry is the least dentistry, only doing what is necessary through minimally invasive techniques and doing it right the first time.  Should you need major dental work there will be major communication, allowing you to fully understand treatment options and be part of the decision process.  He believes in knowing the source of his supplies and having the highest quality materials allows for more excellent dental work.  Dr. Schreiner has a staff that together has 90 years combined experience giving patients an environment that feels like home where they are greeted by name upon arrival and cared for in the highest manner possible.

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When your oral health requires lab work, such as a crown, bridge, or dentures, a lab technician must produce those for you.   In a global world, you can always find cheaper quality materials for nearly anything, including dental products, from foreign suppliers.  However Dr. Schreiner believes in having materials produced in American labs and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards.  Because of this, Dr. Schreiner has contracted with specific American labs that are known for quality work and has regularly used their products for decades.  In addition, he knows the owners and can call when necessary.  This dedication to giving you the highest quality lab work is a central part of giving you the best dental care possible.


Your oral health is very important, therefore, Dr. Schreiner purchases all of his clinical supplies from authorized providers only.  While there are many options on the internet to get a good deal, Dr. James M. Schreiner built and maintains his practice on integrity and not cutting corners.  Buying from authorized providers only is an extra step that patients may not easily recognize, but Dr. Schreiner does this because he is committed to excellence in dental work and knows honesty means doing things right whether others see or not.

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Dr. Schreiner continually evaluates safety for patients and employees. Patients are provided with appropriate protections for each procedure, as well as using the latest in digital imaging with lesser exposure to radiation during necessary x-rays.


Dr. Schreiner knows that giving you the best dental care possible sometimes means referring to a specialist when it means you will get better care going that route.  This usually happens with certain complications such as complex root canals, when you need of implants or braces or have another severe problem.  Dr. Schreiner has working relationships with several nearby specialists of various fields of dentistry.

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