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Implant Restoration

Restorative Dentistry offers utilizes the use of dental implants as a base or root of a tooth into the gums. While Dr. Schreiner does not place implants, he does maintain and restore them at his Keller, TX practice.

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What are dental implants

Dental implants are an artificial root structure for missing teeth and serve as a solid base to build upon by placing crowns, bridges, and dentures onto.  The implants are placed into the bone structure of the jaw.  Since dental implants require surgery, the process begins with an evaluation of your health.  Dr. Schreiner can evaluate your gums to see if you are a candidate for implants and talk with you about the many great options with dental implants before he refers you to a specialist, like a periodontist, oral surgeon, and/or a prosthodontist to complete the surgery. 

While dental implants work and look like natural teeth, there are times when restoration is needed, such as strengthening a crown or placing a new bridge on the implant base.  Dr. Schreiner can place and restore crowns and bridges in his dental office in Keller, TX.

Root Canal


Dental implants can replace single teeth or multiple teeth, so you may be a candidate, even if you only need one tooth replaced. However, there are some cases when dental implants are not the best option, such as periodontal disease or when you are lacking enough bone mass in your jaw to accept implants, they may not be for you. However, with modern dentistry, even if your jawbone is inadequate, having a procedure called a bone graft, which builds up the bone, may allow you to be a candidate for implants.  As with every major decision in your health, James M. Schreiner, DDS will take the time the time necessary to communicate all of these options with you so you can make an informed decision.

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