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As part of his restorative dentistry services, James M. Schreiner, DDS can place a filling in your cavity at his Keller, TX dental practice.  Schedule your appointment today!

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What is a filling?

Having a cavity in your tooth may cause you pain or it may be discovered in a routine dental exam and x-rays.  Finding a cavity (also called caries) is not uncommon, with the CDC estimating 90% of the US population having at least one cavity.*  Dr. Schreiner can perform a procedure called a filling, where tooth decay is removed and the hole (or cavity) is filled with a composite resin bringing the tooth back to maintainable state of health by removing the risk of root infection and stopping any pain you may have felt.  James M. Schreiner, DDS uses only the best dental filling materials sourced from authorized providers that he has working relationships with, ensuring you get the best materials and workmanship in your filling.

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The first thing done before performing a filling, Dr. Schreiner numbs the affected area with an anesthetic injection to keep patients comfortable throughout the procedure.  Then, Dr. Schreiner will begin by cleaning out the decayed area of your tooth using either a dental drill or micro abrasion, a drill alternative.  Since the tooth must be kept very dry, a suction tool will frequently be used to prevent saliva from entering the space. Since a smooth tooth will cause a filling to not grip correctly, Dr. Schreiner uses an acidic gel to make the surfaces of the filling rough, so that they will bond well with the filling.  A layer of bonding material will be added next and finally he can begin filling the tooth with the the first layer of composite resin. If the hole is larger and requires multiple layers, each layer in dried with a special light in before the next layer can be applied. This only takes a minute or two between layers.  The finished tooth will healthy and should function normally.

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