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Root Canal Therapy

Get relief from tooth pain!  When a tooth is cracked or severely decayed, it can lead to infection and inflammation.  This causes quite a bit of pain and sensitivity to a tooth. When you find yourself in this situation, Root Canal Treatment is the best way to relieve pain and prevent losing the tooth. Call Dr. Schreiner's office in Keller, TX right away to schedule an appointment. 

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What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes infection from the root or pulp of a tooth.  The actual removal of the infection can be done quickly, but the entire process of placing a crown on the tooth can take up to a couple weeks.  Dr. James M. Schreiner performs root canals in his Keller, TX office.  For more complex cases though, he will refer you to an endodontist.   After confirming the best treatment for you through x-rays and an exam, the procedure will begin with a local anesthetic that numbs only the area of your mouth being treated.  Once numb, Dr. Schreiner will remove an area from the tooth to access the pulp where the infection and inflammation is. He will then remove the inflamed pulp and clean the area thoroughly. The next step will be to prepare the inside of the tooth to be filled. The tooth is then filled using gutta percha and dental cement to fill the canals, covering and protecting the root. Dr. Schreiner only uses the finest quality materials in his dentistry from sources he knows and trusts.  The procedure's last step usually involves placing a temporary filling and scheduling of your next appointment when the tooth will be restored using a crown.

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Root Canal Treatment has a bad reputation and can cause many patients to be anxious and fearful of the pain.  However, with modern dentistry techniques the recovery is less painful and difficult than many other dental procedures.  Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can help with the swelling and pain in your mouth, although it should not be severe.


Eating soft foods for the days following treatment is a good idea and try to chew on the opposite side from the root canal treatment site. Continue to brush your teeth as normal, just using care and being gentle where the tooth was treated.  If you were prescribed medications by Dr. Schreiner, follow his instructions closely to prevent infection and further treatment. Also, be sure to attend future follow-up appointments even if you feel okay. Dr. Schreiner can spot damage from the procedure even if you feel pain free at the moment.

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